Sneek peek BADT — Application dependency resolving capabilities

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One of the few discussions and wishes around BizTalk application deployment has been around tackling dependent application deployment.

Consider a simple dependency scenario –>

Application A–>Dependent on Application B

Application B–>Dependent on Application  C

If I want to deploy any changes to application A, I need to cleanup B and C ..then deploy A and re deploy application C and B in that order.

This is very scary scenario and poses a lot of challenges. Such situations should be avoided at the very first place while designing the solutions but nonetheless BADT would come with dependency resolver that should take care of organizing the deployment activities for you.

I created a vague not so frequent occurring dependency projects.


Now if there is any change in MyApplication.ApplicationA I need to resolve all the applications interdependent on each other to make sure the environment is up again after deployment of MyApplication.ApplicationA

The tool now comes with a tab page related to Dependent Applications and options to resolve the dependency from there.



You can right click on the application node and select the Msi for this. This Msi would be the package that will be used during deployment process to re-deploy dependent applications after resolving.



Once all the dependent application’s Msis are selected, the actions can be loaded. The load action resolves the dependency order and lists the actions in required order for deployment.




At this point you will notice that the order of deployment/ redeployment is resolved and listed. Select the actions and Run the tool.


Recommendations and ideas are most welcome. Type in your comments on how you see the feature and also the user interface/interaction shown above.


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